rain in Delhi: Delhi Govt Takes Initiative for Artificial Rain with Full Expense Coverage

The government is ready for artificial rain in Delhi  to reduce the impact of pollution in Delhi. Delhi Government has ordered the Chief Secretary to make preparations. It has also been told that the Delhi government is ready to bear all the expenses incurred due to artificial rain in Delhi . In this regard, the Delhi government also has to present its side in the Supreme Court on Friday. Delhi government has claimed that if the central government cooperates, then artificial rain can be made in Delhi for the first time on November 20.let us know about artificial rain in Delhi.

According to information received from officials, the Delhi government has planned to create artificial rain in delhi  through cloud seeding to deal with air pollution. A day earlier, Environment Minister Gopal Rai had said that he had held a meeting with scientists from IIT-Kanpur regarding this. In this, the Minister was told that cloud seeding can be attempted only when there are clouds or there is moisture in the atmosphere. Experts estimate that such conditions may develop around November 20 or 21.

These substances will be used in artificial rain in Delhi

Officials said the government has asked scientists to prepare a proposal which will be presented in the Supreme Court. Let us tell you that through cloud seeding, substances are spread in the air to encourage condensation in artificial rain. After this it rains. Most common substances used for cloud seeding include silver iodide, potassium iodide, and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide).

These are the substance

Artificial rain is caused by dropping chemical agents like silver iodide, dry ice and common salt into the clouds. This is called cloud seeding. Artificial rain is                           caused by dropping chemical agents like silver iodide, dry ice and common salt into the clouds. This is called cloud seeding.

According to scientists, the presence of natural clouds is most important for this process. The presence of clouds is the least  in the capital  in November.                             Due to this, there may be problem in cloud seeding.

There is not much evidence yet as to how much such rain will reduce pollution. It costs around Rs 10 to 15 lakh at a time to make such rains. This                                           experiment has been done so far in about 53 countries.

The process of cloud seeding can be done only by aircraft or ground based rocket launcher. According to experts, it is important to choose the right clouds for this process. It is very important for the cloud to be selected to contain liquid. There is not enough water in the clouds during winter. During winter there is not enough moisture in the atmosphere to form clouds. If the atmosphere is dry, the rain drops may turn into steam before falling on the ground.

According to scientists, cloud seeding is not a permanent solution to pollution, but it can be adopted during smog. This will provide relief for a short period of time. Its maximum impact will depend on the speed at which the wind blows after the rain. Therefore it can be used only in emergency situations. For this, correct assessment of the movement of clouds is also necessary. If this goes wrong, it will not rain at the place where an attempt is made to make it rain in delhi.

The proposal will be placed before the Supreme Court

rain in delhi

Gopal Rai said that for artificial rain in delhi , it is necessary to have few clouds. We have learned that there will be light clouds in Delhi on 20th and 21st November. In such a situation, we have sought this proposal from IIT Kanpur on Thursday for a pilot project. If we get the proposal on Thursday, we will put it during the Supreme Court hearing on Friday. If we get approval from the Supreme Court, we will also seek help from them in taking various types of permissions. For this, apart from the state, many types of permissions have to be taken from the central government also. We feel that time till November 20 will be sufficient to get this permission and the first pilot of artificial rain in delhi  can happen in the capital by November 20-21.

LG VK Saxena also held a meeting regarding artificial rain in delhi.

rain in delhi

Regarding artificial rain, LG VK Saxena also held a meeting with CII and IIT Kanpur and in this meeting took information about all the possibilities of cloud seeding and artificial rain in Delhi. Along with knowing about the effect of artificial rain, he has asked IIT Kanpur to submit a proposal for this.

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