Elvish Yadav net worth, Elvish Yadav news

Elvish Yadav is a social media influencer and a YouTuber. He has three channels on YouTube. In the year 2016, he started his journey on YouTube. From where fans started joining him. His fans call themselves elvish army. Let us know Elvish Yadav net worth.

Elvish Yadav net worth

Elvish Yadav Net worth

He earns around Rs 10 lakh in a month from his videos on YouTube. Elvish Yadav net worth is around 2 crore rupees. Apart from this, he has invested in many businesses. From where they earn a good amount of money. YouTubers live a luxury life. He has more than 13 million followers on Instagram.

With his hard-earned money, he has also opened a clothing brand. He also has an NGO. Elvish is fond of luxury lifestyle. He has more than one expensive car. He also owns a Porsche 718 Boxster. Whose price is around Rs 1.70 crore. Along with vehicles, he has also bought many properties.

Police case going on against Elvish in Noida

Bigg Boss OTT-2 winner Elvish Yadav, who was involved in the case of supplying snake venom in rave parties, was interrogated by the police for three hours on the night of Tuesday-Wednesday. Singer Fazilpuriya’s name has come up during the interrogation of Elvish. Police had asked Elvish where the video in which singer Fazilpuriya is seen was shot?

Sources say that the video shot with Fazilpuriya and the snake is from Gurugram. There Elvish was called by Fazilpuria. He was the one who had ordered the snakes. After which it is believed that the police can also interrogate Fazilpuriya.

After waiting for about three hours, the police let Elvish go. Instructed to come when called for cooperation in investigation. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, Noida Police had sent a notice to Elvish Yadav.

Who is Fazilpuriya?

A song from Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra’s movie ‘Kapoor and Sons’ ‘Ladki Beautiful Kar Gayi Chull’. This song was released three years before the release of the movie, but at that time neither the song nor its singer was discussed, but the song definitely became popular among the people.This song was sung by Rahul Yadav from Fazilpur Jharsa, a village near the Rajasthan-Haryana border. To make his village famous, he changed his name from Rahul to Fazilpuriya. Since then people know it by the name of Fazilpuria.

Fazilpuria will be interrogated

Fazilpuria’s name came up in the investigation of the video of Elvish with a snake around his neck. During interrogation, Elvish also revealed that Fazilpuria had joined the party and got the video shot there. Noida Police is investigating the role of Fazilpuria. Police officials have said that soon a notice will be sent and they will be called for questioning.

The issue of Elvish’s ill health was highlighted on social media

There are reports of Elvish Yadav’s ill health also circulating on social media. It has been told that the health of Elvish Yadav has been examined in the hospital. Noida Police is also investigating the hospital report. People have also commented a lot on the matter on social media platforms.

54 hours PCR received of five accused, interrogation will start from today

Police custody remand (PCR) of 54 hours has been given to the five accused including the snake charmer and Rahul, who were arrested in the case of supplying snake venom. Surajpur Court has issued this order on Thursday evening. The remand will start from 10:00 am on Friday. A police team has been formed for this. The formed team will start interrogating the accused from 10:00 am. Separate teams will interrogate the five accused. After which the accused will be made to sit face to face and interrogated. During the remand period, the police will call Elvish to Noida and interrogate him face to face with the accused.

Poison test will be done in Bengaluru or Jaipur

The police had recovered nine snakes as well as poison from the four snake charmers. The police will send the poison to a state-of-the-art lab for testing. It is being told that the poison can be tested at the Hawking Institute in Bengaluru. There is also talk of getting the poison tested in a lab in Jaipur.

Elvish said, I am being defamed

Police officers started questioning the FIR registered in Sector-49 police station. To these questions, Elvish initially started answering that the allegations were false. I am being defamed. I definitely like snakes, the video that has surfaced is of the shooting of a song. I don’t mean anything more than that.If sources are to be believed, after this the police officers asked that if there is no point and the allegations are wrong then why did your name come up.

He became silent for some time on this question. During interrogation, names of singer Fazilpuriya, Elvish’s manager and YouTuber Kataria and others came to light.

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